Tes is the brand new release of DoubleDog Software's great clipboard history. Focusing on simplicity and a modern look, Tes is the perfect history for everybody's clipboard. Tes sits in the background and records changes to the clipboard stores them in a list.

15 Day free trial,macOS 11.3+ (Big Sur)

Multiple clipboards. Powerful, Yet simple

We paid extra attention to the user interface of Tes. Find your clips quickly in the list. For the details we have an extra big preview for each clip.

Light and Dark mode support.

New clean and concise compact mode,

hiding the clip preview to save screen space.

All new preferences. 

  • Store up to 100 clips
  • Exclude/Redact Clips from Specific Apps
  • Set the line height of the Clips
  • Set a Mix/Max clip size
  • iCloud Syncing
  • Open Window position options

Perfect for Professionals

Keyboard Usage

Control Tes with the keyboard all the way from activating Tes by hotkey to pasting clips in a sequence. For a complete list of shortcuts click here.

Paste Multiple

Tes allows for pasting many clips at once even with text in between. Simply press space to add the clips to a queue to paste.

Shortcuts For Clips

If you need to paste certain clips often, assign it as a QuickClip. When you want to paste the clip, just activate Tes and press the number to paste the clip.

Easy on your system 

You can put anything on your clipboard without fearing that Tes will bog down your system, even huge images.

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