Privacy Policy

This policy describes the information DoubleDog Software may receive from Tes users and how that information is handled.

There are Two things we do:

  • We gather crash logs from Tes users who opt in.
  • We collect your email address when you purchase Tes, to retrieve your license key

In other words, we don’t want any private information —except that we want to be able to identify and fix crashing bugs, and we like to know things like how many times the app has been downloaded.

Details on these, and other privacy topics, are below.

Crash Logs

If you opt in to sending crash logs, we will have a copy of your crash logs.

When Tes for Mac sends a crash log directly to us, it sends only the text of the crash log. No additional information, such as email address’s sent (though our website logging system —see below — will record some information, including time and IP address).

Crash logs are stored privately and are kept confidential.

Other topics

Cookies, JavaScript, Ads, Anonymous System Info

DoubleDog Software doesn’t use any cookies, and we do not display any ads.

Javascript is used for page features.

If you opt in to send system info when checking for a software update.  De-identified computer information is stored help diagnose issues, and is never shared.

Questions or comments

If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy, please contact:


Twitter @thetesapp


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